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Marrying into debt?

Feb 19, 2013 Walt Wojciechowski

Everyone's heard marriage vows at some point, whether in real life or on television. Among other promises, the bride and groom vow to stay together no matter their financial situation. However, what's an individual to do if the person they wed has awful credit and can't find any relief?

According to Fox Business, after marrying, both parties should check their credit histories and see a copy of a credit check. Moreover, people need to look into all of their options, because even though after the ceremony both individuals maintain their own score, both of them are accounted for if the couple applies for a joint loan, like a mortgage or car loan, for instance.

Only if the spouse's credit improves can the couple consider applying for a joint credit card or have further talks about saving and investing, Fox Business reported.

A good way to start off a positive credit strategy is to look into the Payment Reporting Builds Credit score at a credit bureau. Individuals can allow bureaus access to regular payment records, like utility bills. Showing a positive record of paying on time can help the score increase.