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Many credit repair services don't yield best results

Feb 25, 2013 Sean Albert

After making financial mistakes, many people may find that their credit scores have been adversely affected. From defaulting on student loans to putting off paying medical bills, numerous blunders can take their toll on credit histories. If a credit score is damaged, it can take years to fix the error and bring the rating back up.

As such, many individuals look for quick fixes to their financial problems. Various sources on the internet claim to be able to fix a person's credit score quickly and easily, but most experts know that these efforts are usually either a scam, or are simply unhelpful.

The only surefire way to avoid a crash in credit score is to simply pay off all accounts on time, though that is not always possible. If an individual has let payment go overdue, there are other forms of relief when applying for jobs and loans.

Many people ask their utilities companies to report a history of steady repayments to the major credit bureaus. This Payment Reporting Builds Credit score can be used by loan approval agents and hiring managers to paint a more accurate portrayal of a person's financial reliability.