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Man makes nearly $200 in unauthorized gas purchases

Feb 15, 2012 Matt Roesly

A water and wastewater superintendent in Delaware's Kent County was recently fired after it was revealed he used his company's credit card for personal gasoline purchases, the Post Online reports. Townsend resident Michael Bostic passed an employee background screening and credit report check in July and was subsequently hired by the county. Marty Hale, the county's director of human resources, told the news source that Bostic seemed "highly qualified" for the position. However, it would later be discovered that Bostic used his government-issued credit card to make personal gasoline purchases on four separate occasions for $190.49. Two other times he filled gas cans and transported them back to his personal pickup truck. Kent County officials would also learn that Bostic had charges pending against from his former job at a sewage treatment plant in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania, in which he was charged with tampering with public records. Hale noted that had Bostic checked that he had a criminal conviction on his application, he may have still been hired since the county "weighs the offense in the context of the position you are applying for." According to its website, Kent County's Regional Wastewater Treatment Facility recently adopted the Natural Step framework, a sustainability management model.