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Make the Right Hiring Decision Today

Jun 02, 2021 MicroBilt News

Make the Right Hiring Decision Today

Whether you're a landlord screening for new tenants, or an employer looking for a new team member, it's general practice to find out as much information as possible from a potential candidate. 

Knowing where they went to school, if they made their payments on time, or whether or not they have a criminal background all play an essential role in deciding if someone should pass the screening process.

Unfortunately, people are not always forthcoming when it involves their history. Approximately 81 percent of people tell at least one falsehood during the interview process. 

Missing even one piece of information could not only cost you money but could place your business at risk. And now that the job market is thriving and people are beginning to relocate to new cities, it's no time to take risks.

So, before you begin accepting applicants, let's go over the best hiring practices you should employ and find out how MicroBilt's background screening products can help throughout the process.

Vet Them Appropriately 

Sixty-four percent of senior managers say the consequences of picking the wrong candidate are greater than ever. It might be time-consuming, but vetting an applicant ensures you receive as much information as possible before you come to a conclusion.

Understanding how they interacted with employees, tenants, or their previous landlords/employers all play an important role when evaluating if they are a good fit for your business.

If you want some tips on how to go about vetting potential candidates or tenants, click here.

Find Examples of Their Previous Work

This can be one of the best indicators in determining someone's skill level.

Just because someone advertises their ability to create a successful marketing campaign doesn't necessarily mean they can do the same at your company.

An easy way to get ahold of this work is to ask them to include an example along with their resume and cover letter.

Don't Rely on Face-to-Face Interviews

Interviewing a candidate in person – or over zoom – can be invaluable when determining their personality, but it shouldn't be used as the deciding factor.

Balancing their interview with the information you previously gathered is the safest way to determine whether they are a worthy applicant.

Learn more about the pros and cons of face-to-face interviews here.

Background Checks

It's not always easy to figure out who is being honest about their past. That's why we at MicroBilt pride ourselves on creating accurate background screening programs.

No matter whether you want to find out if the applicant has failed to make payments in the past, or if they have an extensive criminal history, our programs are designed to find all the little details a candidate may try to hide. 

So next time you are questioning someone's background, verify it with MicroBilt, and be confident that they are the best choice for you!