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Major identity theft case remains without a suspect

Nov 08, 2012 Dave King

Many researchers have explained that crime increases in times of economic hardships, and the years following the Great Recession have been no exception. Identity theft has been ravaging communities and businesses across the nation, with rates only increasing as time goes on. WNEM-5, a Michigan-based CBS affiliate, recently reported that one couple fell victim to identity theft and saw their debt increase by $30,000. According to the news provider, the Gladwin County, Michigan, residents had their banking and personal information stolen, which the thieves then used to open a variety of credit card accounts. One of the cards had a credit line of $10,000, while the others were mostly for thousands of dollars as well. Law enforcement officials still haven't been able to even begin investigations because there are no suspects, WNEM added, and the couple have their hands full with trying to erase the situation and save their credit scores. Businesses are responsible for keeping customer and employee information secure, which can be accomplished by following best practices and remaining compliant with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).