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Louisiana debt collection office to fund State Troopers

Jul 16, 2013 Philip Burgess

Louisiana debt collection office to fund State Troopers

A new state-run debt collection office in Louisiana will help fund the state's police force. The Times Picayune reported that recent legislation that established a statewide collection agency will help support State Trooper education. For five years, Louisiana has not trained a new class of State Troopers, but the source noted that the funding provided by the collection office will allow for courses to commence once again.

Each year, the office will contribute $5 million to fund training for perspective police officers. Although no new applicants will be accepted, the source indicated that the next 40-member class will be chosen from an existing pool of 700 applicants. The group will start sometime next year.

The Associated Press reported that the state Office of Debt Recovery will generate between $20 million and $30 million during the 2013-2014 fiscal year. Over the next five years, the source stated that the new office may boost state finances by up to $200 million.

Recently signed into law by Governor Bobby Jindal, funding from the state collection agency is expected to start being collected as early as this month, according to the AP.