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Local pawn shop approved by council for operations

Jun 30, 2012 Sean Albert

The city council of Eglin, Illinois recently voted to allow development for a proposed pawn shop to begin, which would be the area's second pawn business. According to the Chicago Tribune, the 4 to 3 vote granted the business, Easy Cash Solutions, permission to move into the store property for which it had applied for a lease earlier this year. The next step in the process will be for the council to vote to issue the pawn shop a business license, which is likely to happen next month. The newspaper reports that there have been concerns from local residents about a second pawn shop opening up, but company representatives met with those individuals to speak with them about their worries. They assured them that the shop is a legal operating business that will help the region's citizens have access to alternative finance options. Pawn shops benefiting their area in southern New Hampshire. The Eagle Tribune states that pawn shop workers are working with local police departments to report when stolen goods are brought into their stores to be sold. The shops are providing police with valuable information, such as names and photographs of the alleged thieves. Several arrests have already been made from the fraudulent activities, says the news source.