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Local businesses refine security practices

Sep 03, 2012 Dave King

Though surprising to many individuals in the United States, small businesses are among the most regularly targeted firms by hackers and fraudulent forces. While these businesses do not have the high cash values of their larger counterparts, they often don't have the wherewithal to defend against attacks. KRDO-13 recently reported that businesses in the Colorado Springs, Colorado, area have increased efforts to deter losses resulting from cyber disasters. According to the source, recent natural disasters and cyber attacks have made it clear that small businesses need to do a better job of protecting their information and thus preventing fraud. "Small businesses these days who don't have massive budgets for internet security get affected with things like ACH fraud and wire transfer fraud," Chief Information Security Officer at a local security company Jacques Erasmus told the source. He added that many of the areas firms are involved in defense, making their data even more important. Businesses have many options to ensure the integrity of their security practices and software, including new advancements in technology that specializes in data protection. In failing to adequately defend information, owners risk their entire businesses.