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Library looks to expand background checks for employees

Nov 29, 2011 Matt Roesly

In an attempt to take a more in-depth look at potential workers, both paid and volunteer, the Tulsa City-County Library Commission is considering upgrading its current background screening policies. Tulsa World reports that the commission will vote on a number of different background check proposals at its next meeting on December 15. A number of businesses, landlords, financial institutions and other entities look to background checks and credit reports when thinking about new employees, tenants or customers.
At the Tulsa City-County Library, workers may soon face a drug and alcohol testing policy that allows for random testing but also provides substance abuse treatment as an option for those who test positive. Criminal background checks would be conducted every three years under the new policy, but employees and volunteers who do not pass this test will work with a supervisor to formulate a plan of action. The only exception is if a sex offense is uncovered, as sex offenders are not allowed to work in libraries, according to the news source. Implementing an updated, more comprehensive background screening process can help entities of all sizes foster a safer, more productive workplace. Increasing the frequency of these checks can also help organizations maintain an accurate picture of their workforces.