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Library goes after delinquent debtors, sets deadline for payment

Mar 24, 2012 Mike Garretson

In December, the Lancaster Public Library in Pennsylvania vowed to receive assistance from a debt collection service to recoup more than $220,000 in late fees, Lancaster Online reports. According to WHP-TV, the facility has finally laid down the hammer, providing a March 31 deadline for delinquent debtors to pay up. On April 1, the library will refer all indebted accounts to a Lancaster-based debt collection agency if they're at least 60 days overdue. Accounts will be sent to the firm on a rolling basis each month. "We regret that we must take this action to protect the community's library resources, which are being drained by those who do not return borrowed items," executive director Herb Landau told the news source. "It is our responsibility to our donors as well as to the taxpayers who generously provide our support." The library loses approximately $40,000 worth of unreturned items each year, and sends notices to cardholders with delinquent accounts asking for payment. This next step is necessary to recoup some of these losses.