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Lenders looking to broaden credit monitoring data

Oct 20, 2011 Philip Burgess

In the wake of the global economic downturn, a number of credit-monitoring firms, debt collectors and lenders have been scurrying to accurately assess consumer credit ratings to insure themselves against possible losses. While some markets, especially the housing sector, are rife with bankruptcy and insolvency, banks and lenders are striving to accurately assess the credit worthiness of borrowers. One way they are doing so is with a new type of credit report that incorporates a range of new information. "CoreScore is a glimpse into such concerns as how we measure up as renters; a fuller picture of the real estate we own, even if we don't have mortgages; how we've managed our relationships with online lenders, and much more that currently may fall into the cracks of traditional credit reporting," reports Mary Umberger for the Chicago Tribune. Other lenders have begun incorporating rent payments into credit scores - a process that may improve ratings for a number of borrowers and consumers. Even so, consumer debt remains a principle challenge to economic recovery, as it is likely stalling a recovery in consumer spending and employment.