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Lender tweaks practices due to surge in oil prices

Feb 07, 2011 Brian Bradley

Auto Loan Spot has announced a new plan that will help its customer base in the face of rising oil prices. The company, which works with underbanked consumers to find them the best lending rates in the market, stated that it will now target a consumer segment with lower credit scores. Those with lower scores fear they will not be able to keep their vehicles fueled, according to a company statement. "We have heard from a number of potential clients who have expressed fear in buying a new car and not being able to afford to keep it fueled. By improving the access between the lender and the client, we are improving the connection, making sure that the most affordable auto loans are made," a company spokesman detailed. Additionally, the company wants to "stimulate" car sales by connecting consumers with favorable rates, especially at a time when the average auto loan rate is at its lowest in nearly 10 years. Oil prices are beginning to affect consumers at all levels. Gas prices have steadily increased in recent weeks, reaching an average of $3.13 per gallon over the weekend. That has affected consumers' ability to fuel their tanks as well as raising costs for food and services, Bloomberg reports.