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Lawmakers push more stringent background checks

Jan 18, 2013 Quinn Thomas

Lawmakers push more stringent background checks

Recent social problems have illustrated the need for more adequate background checks in the modern era, as many companies have lost reputability with their clients because of poor hiring practices. Businesses that do not feel entirely comfortable conducting criminal background checks, as well as other screening activities, should consider using a company that specializes in the processes.

The Associated Press recently reported that lawmakers in Albany, New York, have pitched a new approval that would require all senior care facilities to conduct extensive background checks. According to the news provider, Assemblyman James Tedisco and Senator Kathy Marchione formulated the bill and intend on pushing it through the legislative process to protect seniors at these facilities.

Right now, federal and New York state laws do not require these businesses to conduct criminal background checks. The AP noted that these screenings can be conducted at no expense to the senior care facilities. Finally, the source explained that an incident during which an Albany County home for adults resident was improperly touched by a convicted sex offender sparked the new discussions among state legislators.

Increasing pressure from lawmakers will likely lead to more stringent background check requirements in the coming years. Many industries have already started to roll out new best practices and requirements to improve the security of their patrons, employees and clients.

There are a variety of challenges posed by criminal background checks, including the specifics regarding fair screening as outlined by a variety of organizations and federal departments. Failure to meet all of these requirements can lead to serious lawsuits from several employee protection agencies, but obliging the law can be made easy by outsourcing the tasks. Companies can ease the process by employing the help of a background check firm.