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Landlords Get Help of Instant Screening Thanks to New Technology

Nov 15, 2019 MicroBilt News

Landlords Get Help of Instant Screening Thanks to New Technology

Background screening tenants is a pivotal part of the process of leasing apartments, homes, and other properties. Historically, it has been part of the process that can take hours, days, and sometimes weeks. Thanks to new technology, landlords now have the ability to authenticate identity and conduct background screenings faster than ever before.

The key is in new technology that gives landlords access to several reports simultaneously. This means that landlords can check each of the following, instantly:

  • Consumer credit reports
  • Criminal background
  • Histories of evictions

The ability to access all these reports in a matter of seconds helps property owners and landlords make split-second decisions about which tenants they are most comfortable renting to. This means fewer risks for landlords and greater rewards.

The real beauty is that landlords who subscribe to this service ultimately pay less than for many other background screening services while gaining instantaneous access to the valuable information it offers.

Why is Speed Important for Background Screenings?

Landlords understand, all too well, that time is of the essence when turning around apartments and rental homes. Empty units cost you money. Money the average investor can’t easily afford to lose. Turning these units around faster greatly reduces the time the units are empty allowing landlords to enjoy greater profits over the life of the investment.

That isn’t the only reason it’s important to have fast access to the information from background screenings however. Other benefits include the fact that renters are less likely to go out and find somewhere else to live while you’re waiting on the results from your background screening process.

If you perform the screening on the spot, you can close the deal right there rather than giving them time to see another home they’d like to have or find another landlord that offers a faster response.

Finally, our service offers a big-picture look at the life of the prospective renter. Rather than only gaining access to one piece of a larger puzzle, you get to see the credit picture, the rental history, eviction history (if any), and criminal background of potential tenants so you can make fully informed decisions.

MicroBilt offers a full suite of products and services designed to help landlords, like you, make wiser decisions about rental applicants faster than ever. Learn more about our stellar lineup of services designed to help you improve your bottom line today.