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Lacking on background screenings can hurt companies and organizations

Aug 02, 2012 Quinn Thomas

There are policies and procedures in place at many companies when it comes to conducting background checks on potential employees. This is done in order to protect businesses, such as a short term lenders, from fraud or theft. When firms fail to fully implement screening processes, there can be negative consequences for employees and operations. The Beaufort Gazette reports that the Jasper County School District in South Carolina has violated the policy of conducting background checks on all job applicants during the last phase of the hiring process. The district's attorney stated the organization believed a screening did not need to take place if the professional had previously worked in another state district, although the law requires a check to be done for all potential employees. The problem was discovered after a former principal of one of the schools was found to have embezzled more than $5,000 from the district. The individual did not go through a background screening, reports the news source. Implementing policies for background checks have many advantages for businesses, as they can uncover any activity which might interfere with an applicant's ability to perform tasks. Microbilt offers screenings that search through an individual's criminal, employment and driving reports in order to help managers make an informed hiring decision.