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Lack of screenings raises concern in Florida

Feb 14, 2011 Matt Roesly

An investigation by a Florida television station has revealed that several employees in one county did not go through criminal background screenings, despite the fact that some of them work with kids. The investigation, conducted by WFTV, revealed that many employees in Seminole County had not had their personal histories looked into before being hired. A report obtained by the station revealed that there had been no proper checks done for tennis teachers, martial arts and dance instructors and fitness professionals, all of whom interact with children. Many in the area were appalled when the news came out, and said that more needed to be done to protect children in the community. "I just think it's shocking that a county like this would not have background checks on anybody who deals with children," one resident told WFTV. Recent events in the Sunshine State have highlighted the need for better background screenings. WTVT reports that a youth football coach in Dunedin was arrested and charged with making child pornography.