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Kansas court lays down hammer on delinquent accounts

Mar 18, 2012 Mike Garretson

After giving Topeka, Kansas, residents a grace period for paying off court fines without incurring collection costs, Topeka Municipal Court judge Vic Miller has announced the hiring of a new agency, the Topeka Capital Journal reports. The new vendor will sue all individuals who ignore the court's request for past payments. In an earlier article, the news source noted that Miller had temporary halted the addition of collection costs as the court worked to find a new collection agency. The court had previously used two different collection firms to obtain fines for the city, but Miller determined he wanted to consolidate and have all collections actions under one roof. "The court is taking a much more aggressive approach to collection of past due fines and fees," Miller said, as quoted by the media outlet.  "However, we believe ample opportunity has been afforded to everyone to work out a payment plan with the court. For those that have ignored our pleas to make payment arrangements with the court, collection efforts are now necessary." Delinquent accounts will be referred to the new collections agency within the next 30 days.