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Kalkin Ginsberg Company release OBS report

Oct 18, 2011 Mike Garretson

Kaulkin Ginsberg Company released an outsourced business services report on mergers and acquisitions for the third quarter of 2011, insideArm reports.  “The domestic ARM market continues to garner interest, but today strategic and financial buyers are primarily attracted to acquisition opportunities in markets with organic growth opportunities," said Mark Russell, Kaulkin Ginsberg's senior dealmaker. The report notes a significant increase in year-over-year total transaction value, even while the number of deals during the third quarter of 2011 was similar to those of the same period in 2010, the news source states. Michael Klozotsky, managing editor of insideArm, said that Kaulkin Ginsberg aimed to provide the market with useful information and strategy advice to business leaders. The report comments on the importance of social media in business and also finds that less than one-third of family businesses survive a second-generation transition, while just over 10 percent survive a third. According to insideArm, the economic instability of the United States today may be a perfect time to begin perfecting business ownership transfers to kin.