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Job applicants need to be screened more, say industry experts

Aug 09, 2012 Quinn Thomas

The jobs report for July, released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, found that the unemployment rate stayed the same, at 8.3 percent, from the previous month. With these new numbers, industry experts are saying that employers should step up their background screening efforts in order to find the most qualified professionals for their open positions. The current number of unemployed Americans is approximately 12.7 million, meaning that companies that are looking for new staff have the upper hand. However, employers should be cautious during the hiring process, as some applicants can lie on their resume or not disclose past criminal history. This can be especially dangerous for short term lenders, as their workers deal with large amounts of money. Industry experts suggest that managers step up their efforts on background screenings, because this can uncover any potentially dangerous activity which could compromise the company and its employees. Although the economy is recovering, many owners are still hesitant about springing for necessary services. But background checks can help to avoid risky situations. Microbilt is an example of a business that offers a background screening product. Their solutions allow managers to conduct checks on job applicants by researching criminal, past employment and driving records, and helps companies make an informed hiring decision.