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Iowa school districts not required to screen teachers' aides

Nov 05, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Background screenings are used by care facilities and government agencies to ensure that the individuals they're hiring are trustworthy and dependable. However, not all positions are being filled using background checks. According The Indianapolis Star, a majority of teachers' aides in public school districts in Iowa are not required to undergo screenings when moving through the application process. One reason school districts may not be performing the checks is because they can be costly as well as bog down the hiring process. This isn't a good enough excuse for many, though, who believe the omission can risk districts' credibility as well as the safety of students. "There are many holes in the background check process for school employees, but that isn't an excuse - particularly in the eyes of parents who have a felony offender in their child's school," Ken Trump of National School Safety and Security Services told the newspaper. Recently, Congress approved a bill that improves the screening process for another sector of the industry - daycare. Additionally, many states are weighing legislation to strengthen checks for elderly care attendants.