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Iowa man faces deportation for assuming false identity

Nov 23, 2011 Karen Umpierre

In Muscatine, Iowa, the sheriff's department arrested 26-year-old Servando Garcia-Perez on identity theft charges, WHBF-TV reports. According to authorities, Garcia-Perez used the name and Social Security number of an unsuspecting individual to gain employment with HON Company. He had worked for the company for four years under the false identification. Representatives of HON revealed to the police that Garcia-Perez was an astute employee and never felt the need to run a background screening following the initial interview. The sheriff's department caught sight of the incident when the identity theft victim, living in Texas, informed local authorities he received paycheck statements in the mail from a company he had no affiliation with. Sargeant Ardyth Orr of the Muscatine Sheriff's Department told the news source his county is no stranger to identity theft cases in regards to employment. "Whether it's this kind or whether its stealing someone else's identity and then obtaining credit cards or stealing their checks or stealing their debit cards and using them, it's very, very high right now," said Orr. Garcia-Perez could face up to five years in jail and deportation back to Mexico, the news source explains.