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Intricacies of background checks often overlooked

Oct 09, 2012 Quinn Thomas

As the corporate world continues to evolve along with new technology and risks, the need for adequate background checks when hiring employees is heightened. There are many protections in place to ensure ethical procedures when conducting background checks, and employers need to know all of these statutes prior to engaging in the process to avoid litigation and potential lost face. Investopedia recently listed some of the more common facets of background checks that many employers do not know. The news provider starts off by explaining how background checks, when conducted properly, are always a win-win situation for employers, as good results will reveal a strong candidate and poor ones will help the business avoid a bad hiring decision. The source explained that in some industries, especially those that involve direct communication or contact with children, background checks are required. Employers in these industries are legally allowed to access the Federal Bureau of Investigation's Crime Information Center to ensure the reliability of an applicant's disclosures. There are many potential pitfalls and intricacies to background checks, especially those with a criminal screening aspect. Employers that do not feel comfortable with conducting the procedures on their own often benefit from the use of a background check service provider, as this will ensure the integrity of the process.