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Internet pawn shops provide convenience for consumers during tough times

Sep 03, 2012 Quinn Thomas

Some cities and states throughout the nation have restricted or outlawed pawn shops from operating within their regions. This has left many consumers without short term lending options during difficult financial periods. However, online pawn shops are becoming more popular as they provide alternative methods for individuals to obtain necessary cash. The Gold Standard, a pawn shop business specializing in jewelry in Long Island and Queens, New York, recently announced that it has launched a website which will feature deals for its customers. Included on The Gold Standard's revamped website are instructions on how to receive the maximum amount of money for pawned items as well as information pertaining to its 16 locations throughout the area. The company stated it hopes to offer help for consumers who need to obtain money. Another online pawn shop that is seeing success is The company's CEO and founder, Don Battis, sat down with Practical Ecommerce to discuss how his business aims to help individuals across the country with short term financing needs. Battis is able to work with consumers who might not have other options when it comes to obtaining loans. By working with Pawntique, people are able to get the money they need quickly to cover emergency costs.