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Industry leader calls for better online identity theft protection

Feb 21, 2011 Brian Bradley

Online identity theft remains one of the most sensitive topics for consumers and business owners alike. On Monday, Norton - an industry leader in anti-virus software protection - introduced a new segment that will monitor such suspicious activity. Norton's Cybercrime Index will allow consumers to obtain the most up-to-date news on web-based hazards that could expose users to identity theft. Additionally, the program will highlight unsavory websites and infamous online scams. Users will also have access to material that will explain the various identity theft programs, including items such as hijacked search terms, the most recent identity theft headlines and other spam-related news. "Crimes such as identity theft and fraud have may have serious implications for the affected individuals. Unaware of the security threats involved, people share date of birth, present location, occupational details, contact details and loads of other sensitive personal information online," the company stated in a release. Norton's program comes at a time when identity theft actually dipped in 2010. According to Javelin, 3 million fewer people were victimized by the practice last year, saving consumers nearly $19 billion.