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Indiana passes background check requirements for veterinarians

Feb 21, 2011 Matt Roesly

Last September, Indiana lawmakers made a push to mandate background screening for physicians and doctors. Following the bill's successful passage last week, those requirements will soon be extended to veterinarians and all healthcare workers, DVM
Newsmagazine reports. The bill, recently confirmed by the Indiana House of Representatives, will require a background check as a step toward acquiring a license to practice. State Senator Patricia Miller is an advocate of the bill and states leaving healthcare workers out of the equation may make the public susceptible to unsavory individuals. Previously, only real estate appraisers, security guards and private investigators faced mandatory criminal screening. "In order to protect our Hoosier patients and families, we must ensure our workers in the health industry are held to the highest of expectations and standards," Miller, a registered nurse, told DVM. "This legislation would help reveal those individuals with criminal backgrounds in the licensing process." The bill, which passed on February 14 by a vote of 48-2, comes approximately five months after the initial decision to have healthcare workers screened. The new bill will require a check for those desiring first-time licenses, but not those seeking a renewal.