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Indiana law makes significant change to background screenings

Jul 09, 2012 Philip Burgess

Background checks reveal important information to an employer that a job seeker might not have previously disclosed, and can help a manager determine whether an individual is fit for a certain position. However, the state of Indiana recently implemented a law which allows applicants to withhold certain information pertaining to their records. The new law, titled HB 1033, forbids employers to ask job seekers about their restricted and sealed criminal records, reports JD Supra. If managers do ask, they face up to a $1,000 fine. Additionally, if an individual was not convicted or the charges were dismissed, employers will not be able to obtain any information from Indiana state records regarding that infraction.  Another part of the law will start taking place next year, and prevents "criminal history providers" from gathering and reporting any information to employers about crimes for which an individual was not convicted. Background screenings are an important part of the employment process, especially for short term lending companies and law enforcement agencies. Some individuals may not disclose all relevant information to a potential employer, and screenings can deliver pertinent criminal record data to managers to help them in the process. Microbilt offers pre-employment screening products to businesses, which search the criminal, credit, drivers and employment records of individuals.