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Indiana develops identity validation solution

Apr 16, 2012 Karen Umpierre

The Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles and have paired up to offer VallDate to organizations involved in the lending business. Both the long term and short term lending communities may profit from the use of the solution, because if a person takes out a loan using false identification, lenders may be conned out of their money and would not be able to rely on debt collection companies to recover their funds. VallDate allows professionals to enter data provided by the client into the application, including ID number, name, date of birth and other identifying information. The application then searches through the Bureau of Motor Vehicle's official database, and lenders will be alerted if any of the information provided does not match up. Mid-Atlantic Collectors Association president Harry Strausser told the Huffington Post that debt collectors average around 20 percent in recovery on outstanding debt, a statistic that drastically lowers when people use false identities. A 2010 Javelin study found that identity fraud affected 11.1 million Americans in 2009, totaling an amount of $54 billion dollars lost.