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Indiana citizen caught with stolen identity

Sep 13, 2011 Matt Roesly

Benjamin D. Santana worked for Superior Aluminum Alloys for the past two years before being charged with identity theft, The Journal Gazette reports. The 41-year-old Santana used the identification of a California man to legally work in Indiana. The news source stated that Santana earned approximately $100,000 over the last two years while employed. Although he told authorities he purchased the identity primarily so he could work, the consequences could be steep for Santana. Since Santana acquired more than $50,000 through his identity theft scheme, he may be charged with a class D felony, which could result in a $10,000 fine and six months to 3 years in prison. As highlighted by the Santana case, the internet has opened a new door through which hackers can gain information. Fifteen years ago, it would have been rare to find a man's identity stolen from halfway across the country. But today, these fraudulent acts are committed every day. Indiana ranks in the lower half of identity theft cases per capita in the United Stated, according to a study by the Federal Trade Commission.