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Incarcerated convict accused of identity theft scheme

Nov 19, 2011 Karen Umpierre

An identity theft scheme was halted by an incarcerated individual, KSDK reports. Danwine Dewayne Renard, 47, pled guilty to conspiracy to commit mail, wire and bank fraud, abetting bank fraud and two counts of aiding and abetting aggravated identity theft. He was sentenced to 12 years in prison and five years of parole when released. According to court documents, Renard headed an identity theft scheme through prison phone calls and mail from July 2008 to November 2010. Sleena Marie Bradford, one of Renard's accomplices, was involved in the ring by obtaining state identification documents of individuals and opening up bank accounts under those names. Bank accounts would be inflated from checks distributed by other fraudulent bank accounts. The conspirators would cash out the bank accounts and use the money for merchandise, monthly expenses and Renard's prison trust account, the news source explains. Bradford owes $122,943.72 in restitution and will serve an 11-year sentence. In addition to his sentence, Renard owes $122,943.72 in restitution and $49,000 in forfeiture judgment.