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In-store rewards deals plays major role in retail sales this holiday season

Dec 05, 2011 Todd Milner

As 2011 comes to a close and the holiday season approaches, every retailer is trying to find ways to attract consumers aside from offering the expected discount deals. Some consumers may even apply for short term loans if they're in need of some quick cash and can no longer use credit cards for the day, week or month. As long as they don't put themselves in overbearing debt, it's a completely safe tactic, but a study by the University of Miami School of Business Administration suggests consumers tend to follow stores that offer credit card deals. Keri Kettle, assistant professor of marketing at UMiami and lead researcher, found that when a consumer signs up for a credit or rewards card in a store, they are more likely to spend more time in that store than a competitor's who they don't sign up with. "This holiday season will bring many budget-conscience shoppers to stores, and they should be aware of the signature effect and how it can cause unintentional splurging," Kettle said in a statement. In addition, Gerald Haubl of the University of Alberta suggests that consumers that spend more time in a store are more likely to purchase a product.