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Improved resident screening services benefit public housing facility's reputation

Dec 30, 2011 Matt Roesly

Delaware Terrace public housing, located on the east side of Easton, Pennsylvania, had been known for its crime-ridden reputation, the Express-Times reports. Yet, following its demolition in 2009, the Easton Housing Authority has worked hard to replace the derelict community with one that residents would be proud of and willing to live in. The newly completed Neston Heights, which consists of 56 family rentals, has already gone a long way toward removing the stigma. "(There's) a big difference," former Delaware Terrace resident Amelia Torres told the news source in a separate article. "(It's) quiet, clean, peaceful. ... This is much better." Potential residents hoping to secure a spot must undergo an extensive tenant background screening, as well as provide identification, birth certificates and Social Security cards. They also can't have any outstanding balances and must come with positive references from previous landlords or housing authorities. A private management and development company will re-certify residents annually, and a tenant association has already been formed, with monthly meetings being held.