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Illinois law enforcement uncovers identity theft ring

Oct 29, 2012 Dave King

In recent months, law enforcement officials and federal regulators have increased efforts to raise awareness of identity theft across the nation, as millions of businesses and individuals are affected every year. Companies need to ensure they are following best practices to not fall victim to identity thieves, and protect their customers as well. The Naperville Sun recently reported that authorities uncovered a seven-person identity theft ring this month that was responsible for local and international crimes. According to the news provider, the Naperville Police Department discovered that the criminal organization was working out of the Illinois neighborhood, and has charged seven individuals from across the country with identity theft allegations. The groups was allegedly responsible for more than 50 fraudulent wire transfers coming from 62 falsified identities. The criminals purportedly used fake identification cards, including passports, to surreptitiously carry out the transfers, the Naperville Sun added. This illustrates the importance of proper ID verification in the current era. Businesses are responsible for verifying the identifications of customers who use credit and debit cards, or those that participate in ACH and wire transfers. Through proper oversight and security practices, companies can minimize the risks associated with identity theft.