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Identity thief arrested after two-week shopping spree

Oct 17, 2011 Karen Umpierre

A convicted felon was detained and arrested in a Colorado Springs, Colorado, Home Depot this week after questions arose about a fake ID he was using to purchase merchandise , KRDO-TV reports. Security staff apprehended Johnny Gilliland after a loss prevention officer realized the ID he was using was fake, 7NEWS reports. Two weeks prior, Gilliland had stolen someone else's ID and used it to obtain a Home Depot credit card. He went on to spend $5,600 at the location. A search of Gilliland's vehicle turned up stolen mail, an abundance of ID cards and "other items consistent with identity theft" from at least 15 different people. Crystal meth, meth paraphernalia and a stolen handgun were also discovered inside. Police sergeant Darrin Abbink told KRDO that he hopes the arrest will lead to further busts down the line and an overall decrease in local crime. "(Suspects) end up getting to know each other and working together to commit a lot of these crimes," Abbink told the media outlet. "It tends to be a very team concept-type of crime, so they know other players in the game."