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Identity theft strikes Tennessee county

Nov 01, 2012 Dave King

Identity theft continues to be a dangerous and widespread crime, as more individuals and businesses are victimized every year. Companies are responsible for ensuring the security of clients and employees by consistently protecting the personal and banking information they store and transfer. WBBJ-7, a Tennessee-based ABC affiliate, recently reported that Henderson County was struck by a wave of identity theft, which led law enforcement officials to begin cautioning residents to keep a close eye on their bank accounts. According to the news provider, as many as 12 reports came through the Henderson County Sheriff's Department in one week alone, all of which related to fraudulent transactions made in Louisiana, Mississippi and Wisconsin. Sheriff Brian Duke explained that his department is now relying on the assistance of law enforcement officials in the other states to track down the criminals, though all of the victims have bank accounts with one financial institution in the Tennessee county. This illustrates the need for better ID verification practices among merchants and other businesses. ID verification practices can help businesses minimize the risks associated with identity theft, including financial losses and sanctions from regulators. Those employers not comfortable with the proper practices and compliance requirements can get more information from state and federal consumer protection bureaus.