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Identity theft strikes Long Island hospital

Feb 04, 2013 Dave King

Identity theft strikes Long Island hospital

Identity theft has become one of the most challenging threats facing businesses and individuals in recent years, especially because of the digital revolution. As more companies begin to store and transfer information through web-based services, identity thieves have a growing pool of opportunities to steal banking and personal information.

However, security breaches in the digital sphere are just one problem facing businesses, and executives need to ensure all management of personal information is handled accurately and consistently to protect customers and employees. One recent development proved that certain industries have to be especially careful when handling credit card and other banking data.

Hospital's patients at increased risk of identity theft

ID verification is likely most important in the banking and medical sectors, as the volume of potentially damaging data is much higher in these organizations. ABC News recently reported that a growing number of patients of the North Shore/LIJ health system have stepped forward as victims of a major identity theft issue that hit the hospitals.

According to the news provider, the hospital's network was breached last year, and hundreds of patients were faced with potential identity theft implications. The source explained that many of the patients have already experienced massive damages as the result of the breach, as thieves used their personal information to steal a large amount of money.

On top of this, ABC cited the frustrations of those affected, many of whom said it has taken months to straighten out their finances and reputations following the damages accrued by the identity theft. There are, however, a variety of ways in which businesses and individuals can safeguard their identities from the grasps of incendiary forces, the source added.

ID verification best practices
Businesses and individuals are at almost equal risk when it comes to identity theft, and as such need to ensure they are using the best methods of defending against such crimes. For one, a variety of state and federal agencies offer guidance on identity theft awareness, such as the Better Business Bureau and Federal Trade Commission.

Individuals should regularly check their credit scores while always ensuring that all purchases made through any accounts are accurate. Early detection is the best way to ensure damages do not become devastating.

Businesses will need to maintain stringent and lawful ID verification practices to defend customers, employees and the companies themselves from stolen identities and the resulting financial losses.