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Identity theft on the rise throughout the country

Jul 24, 2012 Karen Umpierre

Identity theft and fraud is becoming both more difficult and easy at the same time, as more security is in place, but hackers have more access to valuable data. With the emergence of new technologies, organizations and companies, such as short term lenders, can prevent ID theft with verification tools. But databases can also be hacked into by knowledgeable individuals to steal information. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that identity fraud in the metro Atlanta area has increased over the past year. A recent study released by the Federal Trade Commission found that the state of Georgia is ranked second in the country in terms of ID theft complaints. Local authorities believe that the recent economic downturn has led to the rise in criminal activity. Some say it is difficult to catch perpetrators as they operate mainly online and are not able to be identified. Businesses can especially be negatively impacted by any workplace ID fraud, as the companies finances can be compromised, leading to a large loss. Numerous companies provide identity verification and fraud prevention tools for companies and organizations in order to avoid risks for the business and employees. For example, Microbilt's Red Shield product offers an easy pass or fail response and risk assessment of a potential employee's records, which can prevent instances of fraud or theft.