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Idaho town hires collection agency to get money owed

Jan 07, 2011 Kyle Duncan

A town in Idaho is dealing with the difficult task of collecting debt owed to it from unpaid parking tickets. The Idaho Mountain Express reports that the town of Ketchum has hired a collection agency in order to collect the $109,000 owed to the municipality. After exercising all other recourses, Police Sergeant Dave Kassner said that he had sent out a letter to those who owed money to the city, telling them that they would be hearing from the collection agency if the ticket went another 30 days without being paid. As it turned out, only a small number of those who got the letter complied, leaving the agency that was hired to go after those who still owed money. The head of marketing for the agency hired to get the money from the delinquents, Teri Campbell, said that the town had little choice based on the lack of response from those in the area. "Some people just don't care," she said in an interview with the Express, saying that many did not take the parking violations seriously. While many depend on debt collection agencies to retrieve money they are owed, sometimes people with common names can be caught in the crosshairs. The Los Angeles Times reports that Virginia resident Mike Hughes was unfairly targeted by a collection agency, which falsely told him that he owed $12,000.