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ID verification tools help to prevent fraud in the workplace

Aug 03, 2012 Dave King

Businesses and organizations, especially short term lenders, can suffer serious setbacks if any valuable data or information is compromised due to identity theft. Employees can be negatively impacted as can the company's bank accounts if there is any breach. However, identity verification tools can help with fraud and theft prevention. According to the Poughkeepsie Journal, the large education and financial information company McGraw-Hill has become a victim of ID theft along with residents in the state of New York. Someone has been using the firm's phone number and caller ID to place calls to state citizens in order to steal information. While they have not yet caught the thief, McGraw-Hill is working with authorities to further investigate the matter. Residents who have been targeted state that a woman identifies herself as a representative from McGraw-Hill Security and demands sensitive information from individuals to correct a security issue with consumers' computers, says the news source. Companies and businesses can take advantage of identity verification tools to protect their organizations from fraud and financial theft. Microbilt offers a variety of solutions that help managers to prevent dangerous and risky situations by uncovering any warnings or red flags that might occur on an individual's records.