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ID verification requirements for pilots increased following 9/11

Oct 03, 2011 Karen Umpierre

Those hoping to take aviation lessons are being forced to go through more stringent identity authentication measures, thanks to new threats identified by the Department of Homeland Security. WSIL-TV reports that over the past decade, the background screenings of students flying small planes has increased after the government agency warned about the planes being turned into deadly weapons. However, for many people eager to learn about what it takes to become a pilot, the increased security is worth it. In an interview with the news station, Southern Illinois University student Sahil Patel said that he would comply obediently without questioning the motives. "I was willing to do it since I really wanted to do aviation," said Patel in an interview with the news station."I feel like if you have no wrong intentions this is something that's kind of needed at the end of the day," says Patel. Thanks to advances in technology, businesses and other institutions in nearly every sector can gain new insight into the personal lives of applicants. Using sites like Facebook and Twitter can allow employers to find out more about the identities of potential hires.