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ID theft could pose problem for retailers during holiday season

Nov 30, 2012 Dave King

ID theft could pose problem for retailers during holiday season In October, Barnes & Noble announced that more than 60 of its locations nationwide had fallen victim to a credit card scam, according to The New York Times. Hackers were able to steal PINs from front-end registers, which in turn were used to make illegal purchases. This prompted a woman from Deerfield, Illinois, to sue the company after her credit card information had been stolen. "The area of personal data protection is an area of rising public concern and something that needs to be of the utmost importance to the retail and merchant group in the country," her lawyer, Aron Robinson, recently told Patch. ID theft expected to be up
To avoid a similar circumstance, retailers may want to ramp up their fraud prevention measures this holiday season, as identity theft is expected to be a major problem. According to a recent report by The Hanover, ID theft is growing faster than any other crime in the United States, affecting more than 15 million people per year. On average, victims lose $3,500 when their identities are stolen.