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How to end collection calls

Jan 31, 2011 Kyle Duncan

Debt collection calls can be harrowing. With so many Americans having trouble making ends meet as the economy struggles, debt collection agencies are tasked with the unfortunate duty of trying to track down money owed to a variety of businesses and organizations.
 Calls from debt collectors can be particularly troublesome when they are trying to contact someone who no longer has a phone number or fraudulently gave the company the wrong digits. The unsuspecting people receiving the calls get inundated by someone else's financial problems, while debt collectors are unknowingly harassing the wrong person. According to the website Bankaholic, there is a way to end this cycle. The site writes that one woman moved to Virginia and inherited the phone number of someone on multiple debt collectors' lists. Calls were coming in all day, every day. But the woman took action, says the site. She explained the situation to one debt collector and the collector apologized for the mix-up, then resolved the issue. Another way to end the calls is to put an official complaint in writing to the debt collector. Consumers can also check to make sure someone else's debt wasn't accidentally put on their credit reports