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How debt collectors can maintain composure during calls

Mar 04, 2015 Phil Burgess

How debt collectors can maintain composure during calls

Debt collection scams have been rampant, which means that collectors are being dragged under with them. Most recently, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman made a statement about scammers posting as government agents to get money out of the public.

These false warning letters often come with an office seal, a case number and a threat of legal action to convince consumers to pay up. Unfortunately, these kinds of scams lead to the public being more suspicious of debt collectors.

The tactics scam artists use

The public was advised by Schneiderman to keep aware of any threats through letters or phone calls by the con-artists. Consumers have even been sent as PDF attachments in emails and appear to be signed by a New York attorney, according to Schneiderman's website.

"Now more than ever, New Yorkers must be on guard when it comes to suspicious notices regarding debt collection or pending litigation: We have recently seen an uptick in the number of consumers targeted by scammers impersonating attorneys from my office," Schneiderman said. "Keep in mind that government agencies will never threaten you harm over failure to pay a debt and will never solicit personal information over the phone. If you believe you have been contacted by a fraudster posing as a government official, please report it immediately so that we can bring these scammers to justice."

Scam artists will try every tactic to get the public to hand over money, which means they are calling by phone. This can cause some roadblocks for professionals who need to reach out to the same individuals about real debts.

Suspicions on the rise
When scams like this happen, it may become more difficult to make calls to consumers. ABC-Amega had some tips for debt collectors who are looking to make phone calls a more positive experience for themselves and those on the other end of the line.

Having a good attitude before and during the phone call can help everyone relax. A good mental state will affect the experience and envisioning a positive one makes for a better chance that it will be. Even if debt collectors envision a good outcome, that doesn't mean they should let themselves be manipulated or stepped on.

The source insisted having an authoritative and professional presence over the phone and maintaining composure. Debtor have to take control of the situation, and overcome to get the information they need.