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Gov. Brownback's department drops ball on background screening

Nov 14, 2011 Matt Roesly

Governor Sam Brownback approved the resignation of a chief information technology officer after it was found that he obtained a college degree fraudulently, The Topeka Capital-Journal reports. Barely half a day passed after Brownback defended the legitimacy of his CIO's degree when Mann wrote a letter of resignation to the Governor. "The questions surrounding my qualifications to perform and deliver in this position have compromised confidence in me and in my integrity," wrote Mann. "As such, I am no longer an asset to your team and your IT mission." The degree in question was developed by an agency that produces fake college degrees. According to the news source, Mann's bio includes a degree from The University of Devonshire, which isn't an accredited institution. Background screenings include the verification of schools. While Brownback's department may have caught one of its employees red-handed, Mann would have never been hired in the first place had an employer ran a thorough check. Brownback maintains that Mann's educational background did not factor into his application process. However, whether or not it did, maintaining a reputable and safe workplace includes detailed inspections of every employee's background.