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Google+ verified accounts provide ID verification of high profile individuals

Sep 13, 2011 Brian Bradley

Google+ is taking steps to ensure its social network is secure by adding a verified account feature for high profile individuals such as celebrities, the Washington Post reports. The addition is similar to a component that Twitter users are likely familiar with. Twitter's official identity verification component allows celebrity users to weed out impostors attempting to capitalize on fame, fool unsuspecting followers or portray them in a negative light. Verified users on Google+ will sport a grey verification badge with a checkmark next to the member name or profile, to indicate Google has obtained confirmation of that person's true identity. "Many celebrities and public figures are joining Google+, and ... you want to be sure the person you're adding to a circle is really who they claim to be," said Google engineer Wen Ai-Yu, quoted by InformationWeek. "For now, we're focused on verifying public figures, celebrities and people who've been added to a large amount of circles." Yu added that the Google+ intends to expand the feature to more people in the future.