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Getting uncooperative debtors to pay up

Sep 10, 2011 Mike Garretson

The dearth of funds in this economy creates a frugal business to business spending environment. More so than ever before, business owners are finding ways to lower their dependence on loans. Unfortunately, certain accounts receivable managers, in turn, have experienced a lower rate of debt payments, Lake Zurich Patch reports. Business law expert Lisa Lehman gives suggestions for business leaders struggling to acquire debts. First, she informs businesses to demand full payment up front, if possible, in return for a service or product. In many cases, she insists, this isn't possible due to the size of certain financial transactions. Some companies aren't capable of paying in full immediately. In such cases where the client has refused to pay for a duration of time unacceptable to the constituents of the agreement, hiring a collection agency or auctioning off the accounts receivable may be necessary. Before a debt collector is hired, a business should investigate its success rate and assure that its reputability is in high standing compared to the rest of the industry. Even if a skip tracer manages to collect most of the debts, if it uses fraudulent or questionable practices, it reflects on everyone affiliated with the firm.