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Georgia man steals identity information from neighborhood mailboxes

Jan 06, 2012 Karen Umpierre

A crashed Ford Mustang found by police officers in Sandy Springs, Georgia, earlier this month sparked an identity theft case and a hunt for a man with previous ID theft convictions, WSBTV reports. Patrol officers came across the vehicle, which was wrecked after it hit a wall and some trees. Inside, they found pieces of mail addressed to a plethora of people, including a man whose credit card was used at a nearby Avis to rent the Mustang. The driver of the vehicle was later determined to be Jason Michael Keenan, who, according to the Georgia Department of Corrections, was sentenced for two prior convictions of credit card theft. Police learned that Keenan was driving around affluent neighborhoods in Sandy Springs and Atlanta, stealing mail from mailboxes, applying for credit cards with the stolen identity authentication and retrieving them at the same homes once they arrived. "The driver of the car has fraudulently ordered some credit cards," lieutenant Steve Rose told the news source. "We don't know how he obtained the name and personal information of the victims." The Atlanta Constitution Journal adds that there are at least four known victims of Keenan's scheme.