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Georgia county pawn shops consider technology to prevent theft

Aug 22, 2012 Sean Albert

In the hopes of preventing the theft of goods and catching the individuals who attempt to sell them, the Cobb County police department and board of commissioners are debating whether to require pawn shops to implement technology systems to help authorities. According to Kennesaw Patch, the measures are being considered due to the recent rise in home robberies and items being pawned at these short term lending businesses. If adopted, the new policies would require pawn shops to have electronic fingerprint readers and stores would be required to take a photo of sellers and the goods being sold. Several business owners in the area are against the potential regulations, as they believe it will cost pawn shops too much money to integrate the technological systems. "If we have the system, more property will be recovered and people who trade in stolen goods may move to other ventures," said Cobb Police Chief John Houser. "In areas where this program has been started, business does not decrease." Another Georgia pawn shop in Douglas County made good use of its surveillance equipment to help catch a woman who stole jewelry from the company, reports the Douglas County Sentinel. She allegedly went to another pawn shop in nearby Cobb County, but was arrested after authorities reviewed the video.