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Fulton county to use collectors for tickets

May 03, 2012 Philip Burgess

Many counties from Virginia to Ohio have decided to hire a debt recovery service to pursue money owed to institutions by delinquent account holders. If debts amass, the result could lead to higher bill rates and prices for those who have no overdue payments, in order to make up for losses. Usually, the last ditch attempt that local governments have available to them is to hire a recovery agency. Most recently, according to the Associated Press,Georgia's large Fulton County has decided to team up with multiple collection companies after other nearby counties and cities did so with great success. According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, citizens who have unpaid tickets and sums from minor offenses dating back to 2000 may be called upon to pay their debts. Without recovery efforts, the county would have had to consider raising taxes to account for money owed to local governments, the Journal-Constitution reported. The source claimed there are over 43,000 payments owed to Fulton County. The AP reported Fulton County is owed over $7 million in unpaid code enforcement and automobile tickets, and it set to make a profit after recovery.