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Four busted in Arizona ID theft case

Feb 11, 2011 Brian Bradley

A parole check-in turned into a significant identity theft bust in Arizona, leading to the arrest of four people in Yavapai County, the Arizona Republic reports. A search of Alfred Short's apartment revealed not only drug use, but a complex identity theft scam that included three other participants. Further searches uncovered fraudulent identity cards, bogus checks from a local landscaping company and equipment used to make fake IDs, including a laminator, a mobile printer, a heat seal, a laptop, ID templates and other material, the Prescott Daily Courier details.
The foursome attempted to use bogus checks at local businesses, which brought greater attention of suspicious activity to local law enforcement. In all, there were 57 charges brought against the group, targeting possession of a forged instrument, identity theft and drug-related charges, the Republic reports. Warnings of identity theft stretched cross-country to Florida, where court officials in West Palm Beach warned jurors to be on the lookout for individuals posing as court employees who may ask for personal information. The Associated Press reports that calls have gone out to prospective jurors requesting information such as social security numbers.