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Former debt collectors on the run from authorities

Feb 07, 2011 Kyle Duncan

Federal officials are trying to track down a former debt collector who was convicted of weapons possession but fled before he could be taken into custody. WIVB-TV reports that U.S. Marshals in Erie County have begun a search for 45-year old Tobias Boyland, who was supposed to give himself up to police before serving a 15-year sentence in state prison. Authorities have warned the public that the former owner of debt collection companies in the area was armed and dangerous Frank Sedita, Erie County District Attorney, said that he was extremely concerned that police could become targets of the fugitive's violent behavior. "Let me tell you what I'm most concerned about here, what keeps me awake at night," Sedita told the paper. "I'm thinking there's going to be some poor deputy sheriff or some poor state trooper that's going to pull this guy over for some kind of speeding ticket or failure to keep right or something like that. He's going to go up and ask Mr. Boyland for a license and registration and be greeted by a .357 Magnum." Other areas have been having issues with debt collectors with criminal histories. According to an investigation by the Star Tribune, at least 743 people with criminal records are registered debt collectors with the state of Minnesota.